Where are the Doulas?


Dear Friends, where are all the Doulas in Palermo?

You might be wondering, what’s a Doula? A Doula is a non-medical expert in childbirth, who assists a woman before, during, and after birth, providing emotional support and physical help if needed. The figure is prominent in Northern Europe and also in North America (virtually all of my expecting friends had a Doula), so why is this role not officially recognised in Sicily? It’s my guess that in the South of Italy the mother of the mother tends to naturally assume this role. However, if you’re like me, living far away from your home country and family, or maybe you just want to enrich your pregnancy experience outside of the medical system, I highly recommend a Doula. There are not many in Palermo, but they’re here.

So what exactly is her role? Every week my Doula came to my house to chat about developments in the pregnancy and how I was feeling emotionally and physically. She taught me relaxation and visualisation techniques, and positions for relieving pain naturally. We created a birth plan together and during the labour she was by my side the entire time for support. To me, it was important to be able to walk around and not be confined to a delivery bed, so during this phase my Doula helped by putting pressure on my lower-back, pressing my hips together with her hands, which immediately eased the pain. Many factors contributed to a very fast delivery without the use of an epidural, but it should be said that Doulas are on-board with anything YOU want, whether it be a hospital birth, home birth, water birth, anesthesia or not… she will talk you through all the options. Very helpful!

For more information contact Marian Tabak at marian.tabak.gorgone@gmail.com


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