Saturday market at Villa Sperlinga


Dear Friends, as I foreigner in Palermo I can tell you that integrating is not easy here. In fact, it takes many years to really understand the pulse of this city, and sometimes even then it’s hard, unless you have the guidance of someone on the “inside” showing you how things are done and where to go.

However, there is one major, major benefit: food – seasonal, local, organic and readily available food. From farm to table, if you will.

On Saturdays I’ve made it a habit to go to the organic market at Villa Sperlinga with my family. There you will find local farmers selling mostly fruits and vegetables, but you also have a few vendors selling dairy products, meat, honey, nuts and even plants. There are around 20 vendors which makes pricing quite competitive. For the kids, there’s a small playground behind the market where you will often see dads playing with their kids while mom does the shopping!

The market is open from 7:30am to 1:30pm every Saturday, rain or shine. It’s a wonderful initiative – highly recommended!



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