Open-play on rainy days


There comes a time in our child’s development when they’ve just started walking but not quite talking, that afternoon play time seems to drag on forever. Even more so on those rainy days. Fortunately, hidden around the city of Palermo are play rooms or so called “ludoteche” where young kids can go for open-play time.

I recommend the one in Via Gioacchino di Marzo, Party Time Kid’s, for how well they’re organised, the quality games they have and how clean it is (no shoes in the play area and a hand sanitising station). There are activities for kids 1 to 7 years old, from a magic-sand box to climbing units, ball pits, a market place, cars, a mini city and many other toys, not to mention a little snack included. It’s conveniently open everyday (even Sunday) until 8pm and the price is 6€ per hour or 10€ for open-play time (I recommend getting the fidelity card). Caution: check their Facebook page for special events such as birthday parties, in which case it’s closed to the public. Give it a try!



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