Birthday parties at the garden nursery


Dear Friends, for those of us who live in the city, we may be looking for unique ways to celebrate our child’s birthday outdoors. It was while exploring the enchanting garden nursery, Vivai Lo Porto, that I discovered they offer all-inclusive birthday parties. Everything is organised for you, even the cake is included, you don’t even have to bring a birthday candle!

The parties are recommended for children 5 years and up, and are available all months of the year except December and August, rain or shine. In case of bad weather a covered area is used, all wonderfully themed in “garden” style (little green aprons, upside down vases as seats, gifts are placed on a plant wagon etc.). Depending on the season, specific activities and plants are used. An organic snack is offered as well.

The kids get to take an educational walk around the nursery, play with the soil and learn about the earth, while in direct contact with nature. They receive “seed bombs” (bombe di semi) to take home in egg cartons, designed to plant outside but can also be planted in a vase on the balcony; a nice memory of the party when the flowers bloom.

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