Amusement park at the English Gardens


Dear Friends, I’m usually not a fan of amusement parks… the flashy lights, digital music on repeat… but I changed my mind. The amusement park at the English Gardens (Parco Giochi del Giardino Inglese) is the perfect size for little kids, it’s very convenient! There are almost never line-ups and it’s strategically located within the elegant Giardino Inglese, so when you’ve had enough you can take a walk with the kids, kick a ball around, or go visit the ducks and turtles in the fountain (note that there is no playground here). For children as young as 2 years old you will find a carousel, a boat ride and a mini roller coaster, among other rides. And for older kids there is a bungee trampoline, gravity ride, bumper cars, an arcade and more.

Some info: the amusement park is open from 10am until 7pm (which is when the English Gardens close in the Winter period), and until 8pm on holidays (with the exit on the Piazza Croci side). Tickets cost 1,50€ each, 6 for 5€ or 14 for 10€. Parents can accompany the little kids on the rides.



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