Urban Ecomuseum Sea Life Memories


Dear Friends, a few days ago we went to visit the Ecomuseum of the Sea, which opened in Palermo in February 2014 with the aim of renewing awareness among the citizens of Palermo about the sea and to remember what it has represented and still represents for this community.

Inside the museum you will find old faded photos and movies that testify, thanks to the memories of the elderly, the change that this city, built on the sea, has had to endure since the end of the Second World War. Moreover, for the kids there are games and activities through which to relive and explore how different the past was compared to the present.

Personally I found the visit really exciting. I recommend going with the kids. The ideal people to accompany them would be grandparents, witnesses of a historical period.

Info… admission is free and it’s open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 6:30pm, located at the former locomotive depot of Sant’Erasmo, via Messina Marine 20 – Palermo.


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