Palermo Marathon


Dear Sportsman and non, the XXIV Palermo Marathon will be held on November the 18th and there will be fun to be had by all. I should state that I’m a non-sportswoman, and my similarities to a sloth are rather embarrassing. But I too, along with my sweet little girl, will participate slowly in the sporting event that paralyses the entire city. Naturally, we will be doing a lazy 3km walk. Everyone goes at their own pace and more so than a competition, it’s a nice way to be together with the family. ðŸ˜‰

If you want to register visit the website the cost for each participant for the easy walk is 5€, which includes a race pack with the event shirt and number. When you arrive at the finish line you will get a small refreshment and a medal. As they say between sportsmen … the important thing is to participate!



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