La Via dei Tesori (The Path of Treasures)


Good morning dear readers. If you want to discover and learn about our beautiful city, this is the best period, from October 5th to November 4th, during the event La Via dei Tesori. Palermo opens about 136 sites including museums, palaces and gardens. The program is vast and you can download it by going to the official website You will find enchanting places full of history and magic.

Today I decided to take my son to visit the Boccadifalco airport. It was a really enjoyable tour, organised very well, it lasted two hours and they allowed us to visit the control tower, the museum, the bomb shelters and the beautiful park of Villa Natoli. In short, I recommend everyone to go, young and old.

Some info… the tour has an insignificant cost of 2 euro, but there is also the possibility to buy a 10 euro coupon valid for 10 visits, except the tours upon reservation which have a cost of 3 euro.



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