International marionette museum


Dear Friends, I recommend both adults and children visit the Antonio Pasqualino Puppet Museum. It aims to preserve a theatrical form that unfortunately was almost disappearing, “the Opera dei Pupi”. It’s such a popular and appreciated form of theatre that UNESCO has declared it a masterpiece in the heritage of humanity. Some 4,000 pieces are kept inside the museum, including marionettes and puppets from all over the world. Furthermore, shows are organised for all ages.

The next event

On Sunday November 25, 2018 at 5pm the Opera dei Pupi at the Antonio Pasqualino International Marionette Museum will host a charity event. The Association of social promotion 5atuttotondo, the study of cognitive-behavioural therapy FacciamoABA and the International Marionette Museum are raising donations to support the activities of the day center “Come A Casa” – project “Autonomia Autismo Accoglienza”. The Center, located in the territory of Palermo since 2017, carries out activities of a recreational and rehabilitative nature aimed at young people with autism.

With a minimum donation of 10 euros, donors will receive an invitation to the puppet show The Battle of Orlando and Rinaldo for the beautiful Angelica to be held at the Museum Sunday, November 25 at 5pm. Donations must be received in advance and can be made either by bank transfer or in cash. For info: 091.328060 / 3294271404


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