Biopark of Sicily


Dear Friends, one of the places I like to take my children at least a couple of times a year is the Biopark of Sicily, a beautiful space committed to the conservation of endangered animals and plant species.

The Biopark was founded in 1999 with La Terra dei Dinosauri, an exhibition surrounded by greenery with real-life reproductions of more than twenty dinosaurs. With the passing of the years it has been increasingly enlarged, including a greenhouse of tropical plants and a reptile unit with various species of reptiles. You will also find a zoo with lots of animals, three entertainment areas where children can go wild with Tibetan bridges, slides and swings, and picnic areas providing the opportunity to spend a whole day immersed in the park.

Every time we go to the Biopark, I am always happy to see with what love and dedication they keep this beautiful place near the city.



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