The Opportunities of Piazza Bologni


Insunny days, Piazza Bologni is a great opportunity for parents!

You can get there by going along Corso Vittorio Emanuele in the direction of the Cathedral, just after the Quattro Canti.

It is located right in front of Palazzo Riso, Regional Museum of Contemporary Art of Sicily, which from October 5 to December 22 returns to host the Butterflies House.

Piazza Bologni is a pedestrian area and therefore very safe for our children who can move freely.

If you want to have a coffee you can go to the Liberty bar or, in the hope that it will reopen soon, to the cafeteria of Palazzo Riso.

If you want to have lunch or dinner while the children play in the square, then the restaurant “I Cucci” is the right place for you. I personally know the chef Sarah Bonsangue and I have always found all the staff kind and friendly with customers, of course I can recommend it.

There is no menu dedicated to children but you can find many dishes suitable for them.

But let’s get to what I really love about this square, the moment I prefer most of all, is when the street artists come and play.

This is Marco, a man from Pordenone with a wonderful voice that you can listen in the afternoon around 5.30 pm or, in winter, in the morning around 11 am.


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