The “Hidden” English


You should know that the first time I took my daughter to the playground of the English Garden was a real disaster.

I entered full of enthusiasm, thinking that I should have fought to take her away … instead she took only one turn of the carousel to leave!

Let’s say that for the inexperienced like me, it is easy to stop at the main street … that besides the rides and the train doesn’t offer more for a 2 year old girl.

The point is, I didn’t have the right tip!

Because if at the trampolines, where there are also game stands, you take the small road that skirts them …

… you arrive at a castle of fantastic games, perfect for entertaining younger children!

Access to the structure is by paying with tickets (3 tickets 15 min or 5 tickets 30 min).

The age indicated for games is 3 – 7 years old, however younger children accompanied by a parent or nanny can also enter.

You need to take off your shoes, so remember to bring socks for you and the baby (preferably slip-resistant). If you forget them, with 1 euro you can buy them at the machine (they are only for adults).

The games are clean and very nice: modeling sand, houses, slides, various height swings, balls for adults and children, mega constructions toys….

And if it starts to rain, you are safe!


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