Le Vie dei Tesori – The “Stanza dello Scirocco”


The “Stanza dello Scirocco of Fondo Micciulla” is located on land confiscated from the mafia.

In 1979, the Micciulla Fund, Villa Savagnone and La Stanza dello Scirocco were sold to Mr. Piraino, who was actually a front man of the Boss Inserillo, for a derisory amount of just over 200 million of the old liras. It was Judge Falcone himself who started the investigation until he confiscated the property in 1983.

Despite the confiscation this fund remained for many years the destination of malicious people who continued in their acts of vandalism and continuous illegal attitudes including the cultivation of marijuana that was concealed with the carcasses of cars and motorcycles.

In 1987 it was acquired in the patrimony of the Commune that after two years gave it in management to the association Agesci that has made it the “Base Scout – Astute Fox”.

The room is accessed by means of a staircase.

The depth of 9 meters, the presence of calcarenite (thermal insulation) and water make the room really cool.

In Palermo there are several rooms of the sirocco. They were built by the wealthiest families of the city in their summer residences and almost all the rooms had a quadrangular plan. The “Stanza dello Scirocco” of Fondo Macciulla and Fondo Naselli (in the Villagrazia area, it’s private so it can be visited only by appointment) are the only ones with a semi-circular plan.

The Scirocco Room was used to cool off, in ancient times to store food and, through the waterfalls from which the waters of Gabriel came, take a shower.

The visit also includes the limestone quarries. Unfortunately, there are pieces of cement inside and it also seems to be eternity, a real shame.

The tip: if you go on Saturday morning, about 10 minutes by car is the Zootechnical Institute (Via Roccazzo 85) with many animals to see and an excellent farmers’ market where to buy some great food!

IMPORTANT: Being a well confiscated from the mafia it is not possible to buy tickets on the spot. You can buy on the website of Le Vie dei Tesori or at authorized points of sale in the city. Access to the site is from Via Micciulla 5 and not from number 1 as indicated on the map.

Visiting hours:

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
  • 27 October and 1, 2 and 3 November from 10 a.m. to 4.30 a.m.


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