Le Vie dei Tesori – The Mill of Sant’Antonino


The Mill of Sant’Antonino is a former military electric mill, built by the Royal Army between 1800 and 1900, which is part of the complex of Sant’Antonino (along with the Convent built in 1630).

The mill also provided bread to the population of Palermo and played a very important role during the Second World War in supporting the city’s food (when it was in operation, it baked 100.000 loaves a day).

The mill was restored thanks to the acquisition by the University of Palermo in 2004 (inside the complex there are also the Language Centre of the University, the Library and the School of Italian for foreigners).

However, only the first floor was restored, the ground floor and the second floor are unusable.

The visit begins with the chimneys, which can also be seen from the Central Station, and with the ovens that can be seen from the glass breakages of the windows because the rooms are not accessible.

The visit continues on the first floor, starting with photos of the recovery and restoration

and then arrive at the mill itself. Wonderful!

What usually drives children crazy are the tracks on which the grain or flour was transported.

The exhibition itinerary also explains the four phases of wheat processing – ploughing, sowing, harvesting and threshing – and displays photos by Gaetano Pagano. Really beautiful!

The engine of the Mill is located upstairs which is not usable.

The Mill is located in Corso Tukory 2e (on the map of Le Vie dei Tesori is the number 58 and it’s in front of you leaving Via Maqueda), is open from Friday to Sunday from 10am to 5.30pm, the visit takes about 20 minutes and costs 2.50 euros. Children under 5 years of age don’t pay.

NOTE: The site can be visited only during “Le Vie dei Tesori” and not also during the year. You have until November 3rd!


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