La Braciera in Villa – Aperitif & Pizzeria with Playground


La Braciera in Villa is the only pizzeria in Sicily to have obtained the “3 spicchi” of Gambero Rosso for the fourth consecutive year! They were rewarded for the pizza, the service, the atmosphere and the hospitality of the staff.

Rediscover the pleasure of having an aperitif or eating a pizza

In addition to the award-winning pizza and the beautiful location – the Braciera rises inside the ancient stables of Villa Lampedusa – there is a play area dedicated to children, closed in winter and open in summer. In the colder months, when it is not possible to eat out and have direct control of children, there are two operators who supervise the area and manage the accompaniment to the tables.On Sundays, for lunch, there are also workshops.

Info … The Braciera is located in Villa Lampedusa, Via dei Quartieri, 104; it is open from Thursday to Saturday from 19.30 to 00.00 while on Sunday from 13.00 to 15.00 and from 19.30 to 00.00. From June 1st it will be open every evening.


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