IoBio Palermo


Can you imagine that originally this place was destined to be a commercial office space? Fortunately for us, today it’s a unique space to take our kids and feast on the spectacular food prepared by Chef Marco Piraino!

It recently opened – in November 2018 – and it’s already very successful!

“I was looking for a space that could accomodate habits like picking basil from the garden, a citrus fruit from the tree, picking an orange flower blossom to give essence to a dish”.

The restaurant and garden are lovely, the staff are kind, the farm animals are beautiful and healthy. Art, cooking and gardening workshops are planned for the future. It’s also possible to organise birthday parties🎈and purchase local organic products.

Info … IoBio is located in Via Gaetano la Loggia 124, it’s open from Monday to Saturday from 7.30am to 4pm. You can have breakfast or lunch, but if you want to go on Saturday I recommend booking.



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