Il bosco di Tommy English

Bosco di Tommy

The Tommy’s Forest it’s a city park located in Viale Sandro Pertini, you can also access from Villa Pensabene (Via P. 40), and you can easily park inside.

There are so many things to see and do, and now I tell you about my tour with Mr. Tommy.

Opening Hours

The Tommy’s Forest is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 1.30pm and from 4pm to 7pm. On Saturday and Sunday instead it opens at 10am.

In the summer, during the “Summer Time”, the structure opens at 8am (Monday to Friday)


Tommy’s Forest costs 7€. On Sunday mornings, subject to availability of the staff, is included in the price also a ride on the pony (there is no age limit).

The Bike Path

Coming from Villa Pensabene, the first thing you come across is the bike path, made up of wooden ramps and mountain of earth to jump.

The Play Area

Continuing along the path, you arrive at the swimming pool area (only in summer) and children’s games (including doors to play football, slides, swings, climbing, small inflatable and a wooden house)

The Educational Farm

In front of the games there is a gate through which you enter the farm. It was very nice to be in immediate contact with a goat.

And then there are all the other inhabitants of the farm:

Talking Trees

Inside the wood there are the tree of Tommy, Music and Nature. The children sit in front of the tree and it, thanks to a sensor, begins to tell a story.

The Mini Club

This structure, from Monday to Friday, is the refuge of the school in case of rain while on Saturday and Sunday it’s a mini club with staff involved in conducting workshops.

The Tree House

Impossible not to climb it!

The Barbecue

Some Sunday it’s possible to eat at the farm, check the page Facebook to be updated on barbecues!


As Mr. Tommy says, “to date we have organized everything except for a funeral”. You can choice…birthday parties, baptisms and even a country style wedding! They think of everything: food, drink, cake, preparations and entertainment!

The Bar

Inside the farm there is a bar where you can have a drink, a coffee or an ice cream.


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