Geological and paleontological museum


Dear Friends, for my holiday weekend my nephew came to visit from Rome and we took him to the geological museum “G.G. Gemmellaro”, which is actually also paleontological. On the ground floor you’ll find the “Paleozoic” room. There are many exhibits dedicated to the active and extinct volcanoes of Sicily, to the formation of rocks and the fossilisation of organisms. But what is most striking is entering into the “belly” of a volcano, with lava projections and volcano noises that captivate both adult and children. On the first floor you’ll find the “The Triassic” room. In my opinion there are two particularly impressive things: the skeleton of Thea, the first woman of Sicily, which is in excellent condition, and the massive reconstruction of the jaws of Carcharodon Megalodon, a fish similar to the white shark that can reach up to 18 meters in length. The last room, “The Jurassic”, is where my nephew went crazy. There are fossil remains of elephants of different sizes and a hippopotamus. Talking to the staff, I learned that it’s possibile to organise birthday parties there. In this case, the children start with a visit to the museum and end with two workshop activities (I put the brochure in the photos). Try it!

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