Drain their batteries at the gym


Dear Friends, I don’t know about you but my daughter is an energiser battery which somehow I need to drain. I tried with the pool but unfortunately she doesn’t like any form of floating so therefore, no aquatic course. So I tried the gym… f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s! I took the advice of a friend of mine I went to Aykia in via Catania (there’s also one in via Maggiore Toselli). As soon as you enter you notice two things, the first is that the children are all happy, and the second is that the staff are smiling, and also kind. Given the age of my daughter (2 years) I chose the “be kids” course, filled in the trial form (we’re entitled to two trial entries) and walked into the gym. Seeing as we’re talking about young children I expected female teachers, but no… there are two young guys full of energy, ready to lead the children in play with balls, bubbles, inflatables, big balloons and small balloons, structures in wood, and while doing so they also teach the kids to respect the rules, even if it’s a game. In short, an hour of pure fun. One last thing that I really appreciated and that I was told as soon as I arrived: “we don’t approach the kid first, we wait till he or she comes to us.”  Some info… the course be kids is biweekly (tues/ thurs 5-6pm or wed/ fri 4-5pm), monthly it costs 55 Euro + 5 Euro membership or you can do drop-in. I’ve also added the photo of the other courses offered by Aikya.




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