Danisinni – What you don’t expect


Danisinni is an ancient district of Palermo that, since 2015, has been undergoing a redevelopment process thanks to the efforts of some of its inhabitants including Brother Mauro Billetta and several Palermo groups such as the Academy of Fine Arts and the CIRC’ALL association.

I came to know this place thanks to Antonella Provenzano of Born for Reading, who asked me: have you ever been to Danisinni? It’s a beautiful place- imagine, behind the church there’s even a circus tent and farm animals! Not to mention many murals, a library for children, and a social museum …

How do we get to Danisinni? Take Via Danisinni from Via Cappuccini, go straight and follow the road until you reach Piazza Danisinni. Take your time and admire the murals that decorate the alleys. At the piazza, turn right for the church, where at a certain point – in the middle of the houses – you will see an open brown-ish door. You will think you’re entering a private residence, but instead it’s the access to this wonderful place!

You will find yourself looking over a historic quarry – from which the square blocks of calcarenite were extracted to build the bastions of the Norman Palace and the walls of the Teatro Massimo – which now houses a playground for children, farm animals and a circus. Absolutely to see!

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