Chocolate Shop by Lorenzo


We are in the Piazza Marina area, on Via Quattro Aprile, between the Steri and the Church of the Gancia.

The Chocolate Shop by Lorenzo is a place where time stands still. You don’t just enter for a quick coffee, but rather go to sit, relax, have a drink or a piece of cake with the utmost tranquility. All the desserts are prepared as if homemade, and the pies are delicious (apple pie, caprese, cheesecake, pear crumble, yogurt cake with chocolate chips…). I always order these cakes for my daughter’s birthday, and they’re a sure success.

The Chocolate Shop is perfect for breakfast or a snack with your kids (you can also have lunch there) and it’s close to Villa Garibaldi, Parco della Salute and Villa Giulia. It’s also open on Sundays and has a bathroom with a changing table.

La Chocolate Shop by Lorenzo is reported by the “Vie dei Tesori” in the “Botteghe e Artigiani storico” section, in the desserts category.

A note…. When looking at the front of the chocolate shop, on the right you can see a fragment of the facade of San Nicolò.



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