Biondo Theatre – Slava’s Snowshow


The Times has defined it “The unmissable and already classic ‘Snowshow’ is a thing of rare theatrical beauty“, The Independent “An unmistakably unique, unmissable comedy masterpiece…It is simply and childishly thrilling, it fills you with innocent amazement and it is lyrically beautiful“, Daily Mail “Utterly breathtaking, the stage effects are dazzling…suddenly the audience is young, innocent and transported with delight“, Financial Times “Overwhelming, invigorating, terrifying, delightful. It brings us back to the lost Eden of our childhood“.

SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW arrives at the Teatro Biondo from March 20th to 31st!

A beautiful show seen in dozens of countries, hundreds of cities, thousands of times by millions of spectators.

Its brilliant creator, the Russian artist Slava Polunin, is considered “the best clown in the world”, a clown who has been able to renew a tradition by enriching it with surprising theatrical inventions.

Watch the trailer

Info… The show is recommended for children at least 5 years old. You can buy your ticket on vivaticket



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