Badia Park


Dear Friends, is there an educational farm in Palermo, complete with a playground, a horseback riding school for children, an “urban” vegetable garden that can be self-cultivated, which is all attentive to the needs of children with special needs? Yes and it’s called Badia Park. A private park of 6 hectares located on the grounds of the “Padri Redentori” and redeveloped by the Culture & Culture Association, funded by the Scherma Family. It’s beautiful and suitable for all children! Clean, tidy and the animals are in excellent health. When I asked Giusy how the idea of ​​this park was born, she told me: “I wanted a place where children were as happy as I was with my grandparents”. You have succeeded perfectly! 😊

Some info … the park is open from Monday to Sunday from 8am to 8pm. Membership is mandatory, the first two family members pay € 15 per year while the remaining pay € 10 per year. The equestrian activities and the vegetable garden are not included in this price. There is also covered parking.

Finally, it’s possible to:

  • Cultivate a vegetable garden for a small fee, both water and expert advice are provided.
  • Take a riding course, minimum age is 4 years. Individual tours are not offered.
  • Bring food for the farm animals, such as carrots, celery or fennel.
  • Organise your birthday party there.




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