Art Therapy Workshop on Mondays


Dear Friends, it’s with great pleasure I speak to you about this creative workshop dedicated to children up to 3 years, held on Monday afternoon at the Libero Gioco in Via Gagini 59 (also open as a play space 0-3 years from 4:30 to 6:30pm). During the workshop you do not learn to draw or produce something aesthetically “beautiful” but you share a space and time guided by movement, the senses, discovery, amazement and silence. Children are simply guided guided to where they wish to experiment, letting themselves be captivated into the world of non-verbal and non-form. The result is that all children, regardless of their age, participate actively in the workshop and parents can 1. relax and 2. observe how their children react to new stimuli. Absolutely worth a try!

Some info… the workshop lasts about 40 mins and comfortable, easily washable clothes are recommended both for children and adults. The cost of each session and entrance to the play room is 10€ + a 20€ annual membership fee. Reservations are required.


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