ABIO for a child’s right to play in the hospital


Dear Friends, did you know that on the ground floor of the Children’s Hospital there is a playroom dedicated to children who are hospitalised or waiting for an outpatient visit? This playroom is open thanks to the ABIO Association which guarantees a child’s right to play in unfamiliar locations, and is run by its committed and consistent volunteers. We went to visit to find out more. The playroom is not huge, but it is cozy, neat and bright. It’s open on Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 and then from 3pm to 6pm, and on Saturday morning from 9 to 12. The volunteers told us that the furniture and some of the games were a gift from ‘Ficarra and Picone’ who generously donated the proceeds of a show. As you may agree, it seems like a really useful initiative for the community, so we asked how we could support the foundation:

  • You can make a monetary donation through the ‘5×1000’ or make a bank transfer to the IBAN on the ABIO Palermo website https://abio.org/sicilia.html. In this case a receipt is issued (a write-off for your tax return).
  • You can donate new games of any kind, such as board games, puzzles, dolls, PS4 or XBOX games (also used), figurines. Stationery of all kinds is also very useful.
  • You can become part of the volunteer team!

The ABIO Association is also present with its volunteers in the paediatric surgery ward of the Policlinico. Let’s support them, we will also become guarantors of the right to play for children!


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