Cat’s tongue #Dess’Art

Whip: 200 gr of egg whites (kept at room temperature) with a pinch of salt and 100 g of powdered sugar Then add: 250 gr of whipped cream and 300 gr of sifted flour 00 Pour into a sac a poche with a medium nozzle and make lines of about 5 cm. Bake at 200/210°C... Continue Reading →

Baked zucchini with Parmesan

I don't know about your kids, but mine don't like vegetables, so everyday is a constant struggle to get them the right dose. While experimenting in the kitchen, I found a simple zucchini side dish that helped me solve this problem. Ingredients: 2 zucchini 100 gr of breadcrumbs 50 grams of Parmesan cheese Extra virgin... Continue Reading →

Caged Chicken

This recipe is simple, tasty, appealing and I assure you that you will use it very often. Ingredients: 1 kg of chicken breast 1 pack of rectangular puff pastry 2 zucchini 10 slices of bacon Salt and pepper to taste Extra virgin olive oil 50 gr of sesame seeds Cut the zucchini into thin slices... Continue Reading →

Marble Plumcake #Dess’Art

Ingredients: 300 gr butter (softened, leave out the fridge for an hour) 310 gr sugar (280 gr + 30 gr) 5 eggs 370 gr flour “00” 15 gr baking powder 70 gr whole milk 30 gr cocoa powder 2 gr salt Half of a vanilla bean This Plumcake is easily prepared with a blender or... Continue Reading →

Dess’Art joins us!

We've decided to win easy! We've turned to an expert in the chemistry of dessert to bring you some amazing sweets!!!! Chef Costanza Fortuna From Palermo moved to Rome, she's studied with masters of the caliber: the Troiani brothers, Fabio Baldassarre and Leonardo Di Carlo. After working in the kitchens of La Mantia, Crudo, Palab... Continue Reading →


You know when you're at home and there's that irrepressible desire for something sweet, but you don't feel like messing up the kitchen? I have a solution for you, a very easy and delicious pastry! Ingredients: 1 roll of rectangular puff pastry 4 tablespoons of Nutella Chunks of chocolate of various flavours To garnish: Powdered... Continue Reading →

Baked Paolotto “al cartoccio”

Paolotto, also known as "Fragolino" or "Pagello", is a local fish with little fat, rich in proteins, potassium and iron, not to mention calcium and magnesium. Today we'll bake it in foil or "al cartoccio"! Ingredients: 1 Paolotto fish (about 350 gr) 10 cherry tomatoes 1/2 clove of garlic Extra virgin olive oil Salt Parsley... Continue Reading →

English Scones

The weekend's around the corner, it's raining non-stop, why not uplift the mood with scones for family breakfast? You can make these in the morning, they're super-quick and only take about 10 mins in the oven. Ingredients: 250 gr flour 50 gr softened butter 25 gr brown sugar Pinch of salt 2 tsp of baking... Continue Reading →

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