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Can you imagine that originally this place was destined to be a commercial office space? Fortunately for us, today it's a unique space to take our kids and feast on the spectacular food prepared by Chef Marco Piraino! It recently opened - in November 2018 - and it's already very successful! "I was looking for... Continue Reading →

Danisinni – What you don’t expect

Danisinni is an ancient district of Palermo that, since 2015, has been undergoing a redevelopment process thanks to the efforts of some of its inhabitants including Brother Mauro Billetta and several Palermo groups such as the Academy of Fine Arts and the CIRC'ALL association. I came to know this place thanks to Antonella Provenzano of... Continue Reading →

Where are the Doulas?

Dear Friends, where are all the Doulas in Palermo? You might be wondering, what's a Doula? A Doula is a non-medical expert in childbirth, who assists a woman before, during, and after birth, providing emotional support and physical help if needed. The figure is prominent in Northern Europe and also in North America (virtually all... Continue Reading →

Butterfly House

The "Butterfly House", inaugurated on the day dedicated to love, is a tropical paradise designed by Enzo Scarso and realised in the gardens of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Belmonte Riso, home to the contemporary and modern regional art museum. This beautiful winter garden hosts butterflies of all sizes, colours and features - such as the giant... Continue Reading →

Hula Hoop

Dear Friends, Here's another solution for those cold winter days. Hula Hoop, an indoor play centre for the little ones to release their bottled-up energy, is located in via A. La Mormora 83/85. It's open in the morning from 10am till 1pm and in the afternoon from 4pm till 7pm. The cost is €3 for... Continue Reading →

Open-play on rainy days

There comes a time in our child's development when they've just started walking but not quite talking, that afternoon play time seems to drag on forever. Even more so on those rainy days. Fortunately, hidden around the city of Palermo are play rooms or so called "ludoteche" where young kids can go for open-play time.... Continue Reading →

For rent in the pharmacy

Dear Friends, if you're hosting friends/ relatives with newborns, as a good host you may go out of your way to locate: a steriliser, milk warmer, breast pump, newborn scale, crib, baby bath, carrier, car or bike seat etc. Well look no more, walking around Palermo I found the perfect solution, for rent in the... Continue Reading →

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